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The only app you'll need
to organize your stuff
and find it easily.

Fehris makes adding, organizing and finding stuff effortless. With Fehris you'll no longer worry about missing an important file or URL again.

Super clean user
interface for easier use.

Use Fehris on your browser and start managing your content smartly.
The intuitive drag and drop interface helps you organize efficiently
while the powerful search options makes retrieval fast and easy.

  • Easier to organize content
  • Faster to search
  • Visual insights using Knowledge Graph

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Organize your
endless browser tabs.

Lost the battle navigating through your endless browser tabs? With the Fehris Chrome extension, you will no longer miss the important links. Send multiple open tabs to Fehris in a single click and never worry about losing your work!

  • Works on Web
  • Add tags to organize existing tab
  • Organize multiple open tabs
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Available for your
smart phone.

Carry all your organized stuff with you. Add, organize
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